The War on Terror is a Scam

One of the few bipartisan issues in Washington is terrorism. Unfortunately due to overt propaganda I do not have to specify what type of terrorism I am referring to. There are many types of terrorists that are simply labeled as “mentally ill” or “having a troubled past”. Stabbing people on trains because of the way people talk and look… nope… not terrorism, mental illness. Shooting cops in Oklahoma… nope, just a troubled past. Shooting politicians specifically because of their party affiliation… nope, still not terrorism… mental illness. It seems the media, both corporate and right wing propaganda reserve the word “terrorism” for only those of a specific variety. No longer do people think of Timothy McVeigh when they hear the word, immediately the mind jumps to a Muslim male holding an AK-47 or scimitar. Maximum fear is achieved. With fear comes obedience. We must stand united against…”the other”.

President Trump as well as former President Obama and the President before him all vowed to defeat this threat at all costs. In 2001, 16 years ago, the “War on Terror” began. What started in Afghanistan, moved to Iraq (for no valid reason), then to Libya and Syria. Wait.. what about Saudi Arabia? Surely we went to war with them considering that 15 out of the 19 September 11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Right? No, not even close. George Bush was seen holding hands with the Saudi prince in 2005, four years after the 9/11 attack. Trump, Mr. “America First” was found doing something even stranger.

Bush proposed a $20 Billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia, both Obama and Trump proposed a $110 Billion arms deal. Now lets consider… Saudi Arabia not only harbors terrorists, trains Al Qaeda, backs Sunni (ISIS) forces in Iraq, as mentioned before, was the home of a great majority of the 9/11 hijackers, but also was the home of Osama Bin Laden whose ultra wealthy family had close connections with Saudi Royalty. Why on Earth would we want to sell weapons to a country so closely tied to Islamic fundamentalist terrorism?

The answer is obvious and anti-climatic. It’s all about the money. The government does not care about unorganized militant groups in the Middle East. They care about money, specifically in this case money that goes to military arms manufactures, which in turn is given to the politicians in the form of campaign contributions and PAC donations. Did you know that these “moderate rebels” that the US is backing in Syria is none other than Al-Qaeda itself? Yup, all in order to oust Assad so they can do as they please in their money making ventures in the region.

President Trump accused Qatar of funding terrorists only to sell them over $12 Billion in arms a few days later… This is truly remarkable. If this doesn’t prove my point, I don’t know what does. The American leaders do not care about terrorism, they will stoke fear so we continue our support for their “war”, which is nothing other than a colossal cash making scheme that not only depletes our national treasure, but keeps us in endless, useless wars in which America’s sons and daughters are killed in vain as the politicians and military contractors laugh their way to the bank.

“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.” – Major General Smedley Darlington Butler

Single Payer Medicare For All Health Care

As long as we treat people’s health as a commodity to be profited off of, we will not have a healthcare system that works for us. Period.

Single Payer Now.

Single payer removes the profit motive from our healthcare system. Instead of insurance companies trying to squeeze out every last dollar of profit they can, the public funds the system and we get what we need. No middle man needed.

If the Democrats would get on board, they would win elections. Unfortunately their donors will not permit this. A notable person of interest here is Dianne Feinstein, a California Senator.

Despite being a Democrat which last time I checked was supposed to be a party for the people, Senator Feinstein appears more interested in large donations from health insurance companies than catching the United States up with the rest of the modern world and implementing a Medicare For All system.

AS you can see here, she has taken a more than modest amount of donations from “Health Professionals” (insurance companies).

Here is an interesting break down of her decision.

My intention is not to berate the Senator who has otherwise done some good things for the people of California, she however, is an unfortunate example of how corporate money corrupts our government which not only puts our needs on the back burner, but throws them off the stove all together.

Now to policy; I found this to be a more than acceptable draft for a plan to move to single payer.

This is paid by a 2.2% increase of household taxes and a 5% increase on employer payroll taxes. That sounds rough but here’s the thing that is left out of the conversation all too often… you don’t pay insurance premiums! No co-pays, no giant premiums taken from your paycheck, no debt. This actually turns out to be cheaper than insurance based healthcare. You need a procedure done, no worries, it’s covered. Yes in Canada for example there can be a one or two month wait for non-emergency procedures, but guess what.. you are covered, no worries.

Oh did I mention that the United States is the only modern country in the world that does not have some variety of single payer health care. We are currently ranked at #37 world wide for health care.

Think about it…

Abolish the IRS?

Recently the new administration has announced that the IRS budget will be cut once again, this time by 14%. Now why does the government slash budgets? In theory this is done to reduce the deficit in hopes of balancing federal spending. Now how are federal programs (such as roads, highways, police, firefighters, public schools, social security, EPA, NASA, the military.. etc.) funded? By taxes obviously. How is this tax revenue collected? By the IRS.

So perhaps someone wiser than me can explain how cutting the agency that collects federal funds and audits corporations and individuals who are fraudulently evading tax payments is going to save the government money. If you are facing starvation you do not abolish the farmers or produce markets. Making it more difficult to collect tax revenue is not going to reduce the deficit, in fact it is going to do just the opposite by making it that much more difficult to collect tax revenue.

The IRS budget isn’t even that big to begin with. Our military budget (by far the largest in the world) is roughly $600 billion, the IRS budget is a mere $11.5 billion (2016) in comparison. The pentagon attempted to cover up the fact that over the past 5 years they have wasted $125 billion dollars ($25 billion per year). So the military waste alone is more than double the total annual IRS budget.

So this doesn’t benefit the government, this doesn’t benefit the hundreds of millions of Americans that benefit from federal programs like you know…school. Just who does this benefit? Political donors. Imagine how much easier it will be for tax dodgers like Apple, GE, Walmart and the President of the United States to commit tax fraud when those who police such criminal activities are neutered.

This tax money that would have been collected would have gone to fixing that pothole that you’ve been complaining about, providing your children with quality public education, the police you call when you are in danger and the social security check that keeps grandma’s lights on. Before you stick that “Abolish the IRS” bumper sticker on your vehicle just think about who really benefits from it; Hint: not you.

Think about it…


Science is Not a Liberal Conspiracy

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and national treasure Bill Nye (The Science Guy) sit down to have a discussion about climate change and how it is necessary to have clean air and water to survive. If you have not seen this, here is a portion of the stream (not full, contrary to the title).

Climate science deniers are nothing new. These are the same people who were adamant that we live in a geocentric universe (where the sun revolves around the Earth). Some people despite overwhelming evidence claim that the Earth is flat (yes, in 2017 this is still a thing). I would invite them to jump off the edge but as an oblate spheroid has no edges this will prove quite difficult. It has nothing to do with objective reality, it has everything to do with wrapping a personal identity around a world view that is just plain false.

The left is often accused of politicizing this topic which is just hilarious as we get our information from trained professionals who spend their lives studying climate data whereas the right receives their information from politicians who receive large contributions from the fossil fuel industry. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on here. As pointed out in the above discussion this is no different than when Phillip Morris denied that smoking caused lung cancer. It’s all about the money and nothing more.

What do you think is more likely; politicians who are openly funded by the fossil fuel industry are lying to you OR scientists around the world (many well outside Al Gore’s influence) who have studied this specific problem as a career are lying to you?

Think about it…

The Democratic Party is a Sad Joke

The DNC had the luxury of facing off against the historically most unfavorable opponent in United States election history. How did they take advantage of this? By running the second most unfavorable candidate in election history… To add to the absurdity of this, at many occasion did the Democratic party go well out of it’s way to slam a hatchet firmly into the back of a person who consistently polled higher (sometimes by more than 10 points) against the Republican front runner. We now have a leader who “is like.. a smart person”.

What’s done is done but now we are able to identify a pattern. Tom Perez recently won his challenge for DNC chair against opponent Keith Ellison. Ellison, who had the support of the progressive wing of the Democratic party lost by reportedly slim margins. Ellison was then awarded the made-up position of Deputy Chair.

The sages over there at the DNC have decided to double-down on their deflated, corporate influenced, uninspiring and corrupt practices which lost them this election. No it was not Russia, Comey or Jill Stein… it was the lack of enthusiasm for the same ol’ same ol’ government practice of taking corporate bribes.. sorry, “lobby money” in exchange for political favors which are often at odds with the wishes of their constituents.

Taking the easy money and and banking on the lesser of two evils to prevail is a losing strategy. Tom Perez is not an evil person but he is part of the same system of corporate influence that forces life for many Americans to be a tedious, arduous grind.

Think about it…