Abolish the IRS?

Recently the new administration has announced that the IRS budget will be cut once again, this time by 14%. Now why does the government slash budgets? In theory this is done to reduce the deficit in hopes of balancing federal spending. Now how are federal programs (such as roads, highways, police, firefighters, public schools, social security, EPA, NASA, the military.. etc.) funded? By taxes obviously. How is this tax revenue collected? By the IRS.

So perhaps someone wiser than me can explain how cutting the agency that collects federal funds and audits corporations and individuals who are fraudulently evading tax payments is going to save the government money. If you are facing starvation you do not abolish the farmers or produce markets. Making it more difficult to collect tax revenue is not going to reduce the deficit, in fact it is going to do just the opposite by making it that much more difficult to collect tax revenue.

The IRS budget isn’t even that big to begin with. Our military budget (by far the largest in the world) is roughly $600 billion, the IRS budget is a mere $11.5 billion (2016) in comparison. The pentagon attempted to cover up the fact that over the past 5 years they have wasted $125 billion dollars ($25 billion per year). So the military waste alone is more than double the total annual IRS budget.

So this doesn’t benefit the government, this doesn’t benefit the hundreds of millions of Americans that benefit from federal programs like you know…school. Just who does this benefit? Political donors. Imagine how much easier it will be for tax dodgers like Apple, GE, Walmart and the President of the United States to commit tax fraud when those who police such criminal activities are neutered.

This tax money that would have been collected would have gone to fixing that pothole that you’ve been complaining about, providing your children with quality public education, the police you call when you are in danger and the social security check that keeps grandma’s lights on. Before you stick that “Abolish the IRS” bumper sticker on your vehicle just think about who really benefits from it; Hint: not you.

Think about it…