Single Payer Medicare For All Health Care

As long as we treat people’s health as a commodity to be profited off of, we will not have a healthcare system that works for us. Period.

Single Payer Now.

Single payer removes the profit motive from our healthcare system. Instead of insurance companies trying to squeeze out every last dollar of profit they can, the public funds the system and we get what we need. No middle man needed.

If the Democrats would get on board, they would win elections. Unfortunately their donors will not permit this. A notable person of interest here is Dianne Feinstein, a California Senator.

Despite being a Democrat which last time I checked was supposed to be a party for the people, Senator Feinstein appears more interested in large donations from health insurance companies than catching the United States up with the rest of the modern world and implementing a Medicare For All system.

AS you can see here, she has taken a more than modest amount of donations from “Health Professionals” (insurance companies).

Here is an interesting break down of her decision.

My intention is not to berate the Senator who has otherwise done some good things for the people of California, she however, is an unfortunate example of how corporate money corrupts our government which not only puts our needs on the back burner, but throws them off the stove all together.

Now to policy; I found this to be a more than acceptable draft for a plan to move to single payer.

This is paid by a 2.2% increase of household taxes and a 5% increase on employer payroll taxes. That sounds rough but here’s the thing that is left out of the conversation all too often… you don’t pay insurance premiums! No co-pays, no giant premiums taken from your paycheck, no debt. This actually turns out to be cheaper than insurance based healthcare. You need a procedure done, no worries, it’s covered. Yes in Canada for example there can be a one or two month wait for non-emergency procedures, but guess what.. you are covered, no worries.

Oh did I mention that the United States is the only modern country in the world that does not have some variety of single payer health care. We are currently ranked at #37 world wide for health care.

Think about it…