The Democratic Party is a Sad Joke

The DNC had the luxury of facing off against the historically most unfavorable opponent in United States election history. How did they take advantage of this? By running the second most unfavorable candidate in election history… To add to the absurdity of this, at many occasion did the Democratic party go well out of it’s way to slam a hatchet firmly into the back of a person who consistently polled higher (sometimes by more than 10 points) against the Republican front runner. We now have a leader who¬†“is like.. a smart person”.

What’s done is done but now we are able to identify a pattern. Tom Perez recently won his challenge for DNC chair against opponent Keith Ellison. Ellison, who had the support of the progressive wing of the Democratic party lost by reportedly slim margins. Ellison was then awarded the made-up position of Deputy Chair.

The sages over there at the DNC have decided to double-down on their deflated, corporate influenced, uninspiring and corrupt practices which lost them this election. No it was not Russia, Comey or Jill Stein… it was the lack of enthusiasm for the same ol’ same ol’ government practice of taking corporate bribes.. sorry, “lobby money” in exchange for political favors which are often at odds with the wishes of their constituents.

Taking the easy money and and banking on the lesser of two evils to prevail is a losing strategy. Tom Perez is not an evil person but he is part of the same system of corporate influence that forces life for many Americans to be a tedious, arduous grind.

Think about it…